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Whooshi Music Basic Sign Up

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Signing up with Whooshi means you protect your music. This platform is designed to make the artist profitable. Online Radio  spots . Social media promotion. We endorse Sound Cloud which means your music will be avaible all over the sound cloud community. Whooshi is one of the few platform that your music can go Gold Platium Diamond . You will not only get the plaque  but the money reward that goes with it. Going Gold means you have reached over 500 downloads at the Force One Store  & over 1000 viewed or shares  on the soundcloud audience community . Reaching that level the reward is a Gold plaque on top of your 100% download money & extra $25 rewarded  to you!  Platium 2500 shares or viewed  on Sound Cloud  1000 downloads from the Force One Store. Platium plaque bounus $50 Whooshi ask you to please take any song or video off social media for 1 week and trust whooshi to promote you exclusive just for a week after that put your music up anywhere you like. Whooshi has games, contest,  polls, E- Credits, to open you up to a new auidence . Whooshi also will open up their design center to design your  t-shirts coffee cups visors etc for you to market and sell  at your club dates. Welcome aboard to this new world order of music.

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