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Who Am I? The Chronicles of Cain

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Who Am I? is a hellifying story that is set everywhere, beginning in Columbia and ending in Chicago, yet it is written finer than a ball-point pen. It is a uniquely written book based on the world of drugs as told by the mysterious main character, Cain, who pulls readers into his world on the flip side, taking them on the hellacious journey filled with ups and downs, crime, love, and hate, as he baits the needy and the greedy hook, line, and sinker. The book introduces a host of notorious characters: Cain, who is the topic of discussion; Scalez, who weighs out all things, mainly people's shortcomings; Roscoe "Baretta" James, the executioner representing gun violence; Lillie, the drug user who has fallen for Cain; Butters, the ruthless drug kingpin who has no remorse; Rilla, an ex-military family man who, in desperation, gets pulled into the life of Cain; and finally, Edd and Big Rich, Cain's two fallen soldiers who sought revenge against both Butters and Cain. A uniquely blended book of urban and contemporary writing on a whole new level, Who Am I? The Chronicles of Cain is a book with a powerful message that speaks to readers of every generation. Despite the universality of its theme and message, Dion warns readers to read at their own risk. This is one book that is not for the fainthearted.

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