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Stories of heart-break, obsession, lust and greed...



Terry nodded and started gathering up her clothes as well and disappeared into the bathroom to get cleaned up. The water felt good as it trickled down her body---still heated from Richard’s lovemaking. Terry closed her eyes, and she could still feel Richard’s touch….his lips as they left a fiery trail on her body, his voice whispering in her ear, how much he wanted her….

That was it: Terry went into analyzing mode; did he just want her, or did he need her, too? Was that the reason why Richard asked her to go on the road with him---to see if their relationship would grow to the next level? Or was it just a lust thing?

Terry knew, on her part at least, it was more than lust. She had true feelings for Richard. And maybe that’s why she was scared about going on the road with him; she didn’t want things to be moving so fast, that they get tired of each other in a couple of months.

On the other hand, Terry didn’t want Richard to think she was shallow, and just wanted to sleep with him so she could consider this a conquest that she talks about with her girlfriends over a pitcher of margaritas. Terry turned off the shower, laughing out loud as she thought about how silly she was being.

Terry wrapped the towel about her body, and grabbed another for her hair. All she had to do was tell Richard that she truly did want to spend time with him, getting to know him. But she would have to meet up with them after she got a break from her college classes---probably in the spring. Terry hoped Richard would be patient and wait.


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