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Stories of heart-break, obsession, lust and greed...




Terry remembered that night, ten years earlier, all too well....

She closed her eyes, letting the memory of 2002 wash over her: she was back in Richard's room, his body pressed tightly against hers, his mouth ravaging her; Terry felt dizzy, her desire making her about to explode. Her heart jumped when she felt Richard's hands slowly sliding down the length of her body, his fingers finding the outline of her full breasts through her blouse. Terry gasped, and then moaned softly, and she arched her body towards him, making it easier for his fingers to tease her nipples, coaxing them to life.


Richard's mouth found her neck and he trailed fiery kisses along her jaw line, her collarbone, stopping just at the pulse point of her throat.

"You know you want to stay...." Richard coaxed, burying his face in Terry's hair. "I want make love to you all night, and then do it all over again." He whispered in her ear, telling her everything he was going to do to her

"Richard...." Terry called his name on a breath, dizziness washing over her, and she felt drunk.

Richard pressed up against her body again, and Terry could feel how much he wanted her; she wanted nothing more than to give into her desires, and stay with him all night....But, rationality burst through her desire-filled haze and brought her back to reality, and the fact that she hadn't come to the concert alone....

"Richard, I want you," Terry whispered, pulling away from him, hoping the distance would help clear her head. "I just...." She stopped abruptly, not really knowing why she couldn't stay with him; she wasn't attached to anyone. It wasn't like she would be cheating...

Richard's mouth turned up in that familiar lop-sided grin, and Terry felt her will-power waver slightly. "I really hope your friend appreciates your sense of loyalty," He said quietly, his voice tinged with annoyance. But, still, he stepped closer to her; he cupped her chin, his thumb massaging her jaw in one last-ditch effort to get her to stay.

"Richard, I have to go...." 


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