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Force One store loves a great sale, we do encourage our customer to open a 


  so you can post great deals in our flea market section which has a sub-category Featuring you and your product.. You keep all the profit.

Force One encourage the seller to promote your page items from the url link we provide .

Force One will also do its part by promoting the store world wide to gain  access to buyers.!  Just send force one a request on what package you want ($7.98 Month to Month) or ($25 Unlimited package allows you no restrictions on how many items you upload to sell. Upload your items and let your yard sale come alive world wide.! Seller is responsible for drop shipping to the buyer. When item is sold, Force One will contact you to drop-ship the item to the buyer address once you recieve payment in your paypal account. Membership to participate is $7.98 per month for maximum 15 items  Or $25 for 3 Months unlimited items.

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    Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)
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