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Explain It to Her Momma

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EXPLAIN IT TO HER MOMMA is an urban love story with a little bit of everything - but it will mostly make you laugh. You’ll end up having to reconsider the way you think about sex. Simply put, there’s so much more that we never even think about. In EXPLAIN IT TO HER MOMMA, we are introduced to DJ, a charismatic brother who just completed a short federal prison stint for drug possession. Upon release, DJ meets and falls in love with innocent college student Lisa and begins making plans to marry. Everything about Lisa is perfect! And DJ wants desperately to be a one-woman man - except if it weren’t for a certain part of him that just refuses to lie down and listen to reason. The problem for DJ began in prison when he crossed his best man in the worse possible way. Within the federal system, the Number One Rule is DON’T SNITCH. But what DJ had done to his best friend was far worse than snitching - DJ had ended his best friend’s love life. And for that one unintentional mistake, his best friend Dick decided to make him pay. No longer would Dick sit back and let DJ make all of the decisions for them. Dick came home with an attitude, and from here on out, Dick wanted to f**k everybody - including Lisa’s mom. When your Dick is out of control, what’s a man to do? Cut him off?

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