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Dora's Ballet Adventures

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This DVD contains four episodes of Dora the Explorer. All four have a musical theme and are totally adorable. The stories are interactive. Children are encouraged to repeat words or hop like a bunny. It really gets kids active as they sing, dance and playfully imitate animals. Throughout the stories little bits of Spanish are also taught. Like in one story you learn to sing happy birthday in Spanish.

In the first story Dora has to go back to the dance school to get ballet shoes for the performers. She has the help of a map and her friend Boots the monkey. During the story children learn to count and learn traditional songs.

In the second story there are also well-known songs children can sing along with. There is a fun piano bridge, a singing gate and a music box. The adventure includes Dora gathering together all the animals to play instruments so they can magically open a music box in which the town's musical instruments have been hidden. Children learn the names of all the musical instruments.

In the third story things get a little silly. There is an invitation to a fiesta where a red rooster has lost his cake. Again there is a singing gate and a bridge. There is a cute section where animals make a sound of a different animal and children have to make the correct sound. The songs in this story are also sung the wrong way one time and then the right version is sung. There is a fun grumpy troll and you have to make silly faces to get him to laugh. There is also a section where children learn to count in Spanish. At the end praise is given for helping with the story and children get a sense of accomplishment.

The fourth and last story involves Dora and Boots the monkey getting to a birthday party

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