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Dora the Explorer: Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure/Dora's Christmas

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"Dora's Christmas Adventure" has Dora trying to give Santa a very special gift. She travels to the North Pole, in a winter wonderland.
Includes three other regular episodes.

In "Dora's Christmas Carol" Dora must help Swiper the Fox learn the true meaning of Christmas. In doing so Swiper can no longer swipe on Christmas, or he will remain on Santa's Naughty List.
Dora and Swiper must go into his past, then future to learn.
This sends the two on a magical journey through time. While, searching Swiper is given a folded up piece of paper,which has a Christmas Tree on it. There are blank stars. These stars must all turn yellow, for Santa to change his mind. This task seems difficult, but Swiper's willing to try, with Dora's assistance.
Santa tells Dora, and Swiper to visit a grumpy old troll, seen in other episodes. He will provide the two with magical capes, to transport them.
This episode is the longest Dora program, with an hour and a half of delightful holiday fun. It opens with a Christmas version of the "Dora The Explorer" Theme song. A children's choir lends their voices. In bonus footage kids will see a small portion of these children singing.
As an extra, see Dora's Christmas Music Video

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